The Rise Of Suicides During Global Pandemics



The Global Pandemic & Rise Of Suicides Crime Scene Cleaners
The Global Pandemic & Rise Of Suicides

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The Rise Of Suicides During Global Pandemics

In our line of business, we are very aware of the risk of suicide across the state, and how it can devastate those left behind. The global pandemic has certainly sparked an increase in domestic abuse, hate crime, riots across the US, but also cases of suicide. Here’s why suicide is on the rise and why it’s linked to the global pandemic. Sadly when it comes to fighting a global pandemic, certain measures have to be taken to limit the spread of infection. With Covid-19, this involves social distancing and isolation of those infected. Protecting the most vulnerable in our society is essential, but lockdowns and strict new rules and regulations come at a cost. People suffering from mental health problems such as anxiety, depression and stress can easily become overwhelmed at the thought of being isolated from friends and family. And when depression spirals out of control, the risk of suicide becomes greater across the US.


The Global Pandemic & Rise Of Suicides

Mental Health & Suicide Rates

As the media tends to sensationalize the global pandemic, those who are suffering from anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions can become much worse, as the fear of becoming infected or infecting others sets in. Add isolation into the mix and this can be enough pressure and fear to lead to suicidal thoughts and in some cases people going through with it.

The Global Pandemic & Rise Of Suicides

Unfortunately, the number of suicides in Atlanta, Georgia has increased this year, as riots against lockdowns have taken place, and restrictions have been enforced. New data from the Georgia Department of Education’s student health survey has found that more students are contemplating suicide and one in ten have experienced serious thoughts about suicide, one in twenty have also attempted suicide at least once. If you are dealing with a crime scene and in particular suicide, you should never attempt to clean and sanitize it yourself. With the global pandemic, you can never be too careful and by attempting to clean a crime scene without proper equipment and protection, you are putting yourself at risk. 

The Global Pandemic & Rise Of Suicides

Discovering a suicide is not only traumatic and disturbing but it can also come with a whole range of risks. After the emergency services have been called to the scene, the next people you’ll need to contact are crime scene cleaners. To carry out professional and respectful cleaning after a suicide, contact Bio-One. Highly experienced crime scene cleaners, our team is dedicated to providing safe, thorough and emotionally sensitive cleaning services. Depending on how the person has taken their own life, will impact the potential risk to those left behind. You need to be extra careful with the current global pandemic, as you won’t know whether the suicide has taken place due to the person’s fear of having Covid-19 or not. This type of viral infection can be easily transferred via tiny airborne pathogens and on surfaces stained with blood or body fluids. To protect yourself, your team and those left behind, hire professional crime scene cleaners who can analyze the crime scene and provide a deeply sensitive suicide clean up service. 




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