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3 Steps We Must Follow To Clean Up A Suicide | Crime Scene Cleaners

3 Steps We Must Follow To Clean Up A Suicide | Crime Scene Cleaners

3 steps we must follow to clean up a suicide

How We Professionally Clean Up A Suicide

As crime scene cleaners, we must take considerable care when cleaning up the scene of a crime, and especially when dealing with a suicide. Our professional team needs to decontaminate the scene, and also take considerable steps to protect ourselves against health and safety risks. From the risk of infection, the possibility of harmful substances and the likelihood of sharp objects or shattered glass, a suicide clean up often come with a heightened level of risk.



Never Clean Up A Suicide Yourself

The main reason you should never attempt to decontaminate the scene of a crime yourself is that professional equipment is required to prevent the spread of infection and minimize the risk of disease, and professionally disinfect bodily fluids. Suicide can also come with additional risk and emotional trauma especially if the person is someone who was close to you.


Our professional crime scene clean up team uses the following equipment to professionally decontaminate a suicide and protect ourselves from hazards and the risk of infection;


       Hazmat suits


       Chemical cleaning solutions



Apart from our specialist equipment, here are the three steps we must follow to thoroughly clean up a suicide.  


Step 1: Quarantine the area

After the police have finished their investigation of a crime scene, the aftermath can be incredibly difficult to deal with. When you consider the emotional impact suicide can have on loved ones, it’s important to hire a professional crime scene clean-up team as soon as possible to decontaminate and deep clean the room or area.


The first step our team will take when attending a suicide clean-up is to quarantine the scene. This means making sure any harmful substances, pathogens, bodily fluids and dangerous objects are not moved from the scene without being decontaminated and cleaned first.



Suicide can leave behind blood, and any traces of blood can carry disease and infections such as Hepatitis B, C and HIV. We also need to protect you and our cleaning team from the ongoing risk of Covid-19, which can be easily spread through tiny airborne pathogens. 

Step 2: Decontaminate

After cornering off the area with tape, the next step is decontamination. Our team will establish a clean zone first where professional decontamination can be carried out.


Decontamination involves the removal of bodily fluids and the deep cleaning of all items, walls, floors, soft furnishings and light fixtures. Tiny spots of blood can be easily overlooked so hiring a professional crime scene clean up team is essential. We use professional chemical-based cleaning products to carry out a thorough deep clean of all items at the scene.



As experienced crime scene cleaners, we are licensed to remove waste and decontaminate a crime scene. You must not attempt to do this yourself.  

Step 3: Final decontamination

The final step in our suicide clean up process is to decontaminate ourselves. This is essential to stop cross-contamination and to protect our professional team while they are at work. We must remove our hazmat suits, gloves and sanitize ourselves.



If you require the professional services of our crime scene clean up team, feel free to reach out to us today. 


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