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Day 2 Hoarding clean up


2-Day Hoarding Clean Up Case Study Part II | Professional Cleaners

Part II: 2-Day Hoarding Clean Up Case Study

Compulsive hoarding is something we need to address with compassion and respect.  Refreshed and energized, our residential cleaning team were ready to tackle day 2 of the hoard.



If you haven’t read part I of this hoarding clean up job: Part I: 2-Day Hoarding Clean Up Case Study

Early & Eager To Continue Our Hoarding Clean Up

After 24 hours, our residential cleaning team had removed the majority of large items and garbage from our customer’s home. After enjoying a good night’s sleep, we were ready the next day to continue the deep clean. Arriving early, we reviewed our progress so far and were happy to see such a big difference already. Things were certainly starting to take shape and we had our sights firmly fixed on the finish line.

Dumpster Truck Damage

Day two didn’t get off to the start we had anticipated. As we waited for the last dumpster truck to deliver our dumpster, things didn’t quite go to plan. The truck delivering it to the customer’s home accidentally ripped off their truck’s bumper and our team had to down tools to offer our help. We helped the driver remove his bumper from his big rig so that he could get back on the road and on his way. While this was an unfortunate accident, it did delay us by two hours! As the sun began to set, the pressure was on to finish the job. 

Music Motivation During A Hoarding Clean Up

Music is a great motivator when cleaning out a hoard and helps our entire team to keep going even when it starts to get dark outside. Pretty tired after the heavy lifting, we eventually finished as night fell and we moved onto the decontamination process. This is a key element to our residential cleaning service and makes sure that we protect ourselves and our customers. While decontaminating our gear in the dark was a pretty strange experience, it was so worth it to see the results of our work. We had managed to remove over 12,000 lbs of debris from the customer’s home! That’s 2,000 lbs per person working on the job. Needless to say, we were exhausted but proud of our hoarding accomplishments.



I would like to take a moment to sincerely thank my entire team who took part in this 2-day hoarding clean up job. Without your help and dedication, we would not have been able to help this man and his elderly father. Thanks to our hard work and resilience we have helped improve their quality of life! 

Compulsive Hoarding Clean Up Service

Compulsive hoarding has a complex emotional connection and it’s important to realize that it’s nobody’s fault and no-one is to blame. Sometimes a hoard can build-up due to getting old and unable to clean the way you used to. Other times it is a way of expressing grief or emotional distress. You should never feel ashamed about a hoarding problem and if you require help, regaining control and improving your environment at home, we are here to help.



Bio-One specializes in hoarding residential cleaning jobs in Gwinnett County Area. With our unique experience and respectful approach to hoarding cleanups, we can work closely with clients and offer a bespoke service. We will never make you feel pressured and we will work hard to understand your needs, concerns and rules. Contact our team today.




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