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How much does hoarding cost?



what is the hourly rate for hoarding

How much does hoaridng cost?

Hoarding is a severe mental disorder that effects one in four Americans. That means that if you drive down your street count the houses and every fourth house someone is suffering from hoarding disorder. That’s eighty-two million Americans! This is a big need!

Bio-One specializes in Hoarding. We clean out the house and get it back to a state that is safe for human habitation. This is house the process works.

Many people have questions about Hoarding.


How much does it cost? Is there a hoarding cleanup service near me? What is the hourly rate?


When someone needs help getting their house back, they call us, and we set up a time for an estimate. Estimates are at no cost to the family. We walk through of the property to assess the state of the house and talk with the family about expectations. What they want done and how they want it done. There is a misconception of this business that we come in an throw everything away. This is not true. Bio-One works our way through the house taking care to watch what we throw out, one for our safety, and two for the family. We have uncovered family heirlooms that were latterly buried for years! One time I even found pictures and medals from the Second World War the client’s father had served in the Navy during the war. She was incredibly happy to have those items back. Other items of obvious value, such as computers, jewelry, and legal documents get kept and placed in the Keep Pile.

Bio-One uses the four pile method. The four piles are, Keep, Trash, Donate, and I don’t know. The I don’t know pile is used when we are working through a house and we come across an item that the client might keep, but we aren’t sure. We place that item in the IDK pile and the client checks it and makes the final decision. This method is very effective. It helps the family to find long lost items that help them now. Bio-One has found, Wills, Trust, Property Deeds, even African Artifacts from the Congo! The client we were helping when we found the Artifacts was the daughter of Anthropologist who spent the 1950’s researching in the Congo. Our client thought that those Artifacts had been lost forever.


After we remove the trash items from the house and create a clear path to enter and exit the house, we prepare the house for a safe move in. This could include us disinfecting feces that has piled up. Removing bloody or feces contaminated carpet or bedding. Often times in hoarding situations there is a sewage backup because the house has fallen in a state of disrepair. We sanitize the house surfaces. Such as counter tops, bathroom sinks and floors. Our chemicals are EPA approved and biodegradable. Once we are finished with sanitizing, then the house can be re-habited immediately. 


Bio-One does everything that that we can to get this whole process done in one day. Now, every job is different, and we have had some big jobs that lasted for a week or more. Most often we can remediate the property in one or two days.


The average hourly rate for hoarding is $250-$375/hour. That rate covers disposal and equipment used by Bio-One. Every job is different. After the walk though is complete, we will write a estimate for the total cost of the job some jobs take longer, some jobs take shorter it depends on your unique situation. In my time doing this I have never seen two hoards the same. Good work is not cheap, and cheap work is not good. Bio-One is discrete and will arrive in a plain white box truck. No big red bio sign on the side of the truck, and it definitely does not say hoarding clean out. That is part of the professionalism that sets Bio-One apart from everyone else.


Hoarding is a mental disorder that effects more people than you might think. Bio-One is here to help people get back their homes and their lives.