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Prevent Suicide In The US | 5 Effective Methods




Prevent Suicide In The US | 5 Effective Methods

Suicide Prevention -Be Reactive & Know The Signs

5 ways to prevent suicide

Prevention is key when it comes to suicide. Since it’s often linked with depression and other mental health conditions, being aware of who in your community is most at risk will help you to spot the warning signs. When someone suffers from stress, anxiety and depression, they can quickly spiral out of control. When this happens, suicide can be a possible outcome, and many people who have suicidal thoughts consider it their only way out.


Whether it’s a relative, friend or neighbor, risk factors can include, depression, substance abuse, terminal health conditions, a family history of suicide, a traumatic experience or the loss of a loved one. Social isolation, fear, anxiety and loneliness can often lead vulnerable members of society towards suicide, but it’s our responsibility to help guide them away from this dark path.



In this article, we’re going to discuss 5 effective methods of preventing suicide. 

5 ways to prevent suicide

Counselling 99% Effective

According to The American Foundation of Suicide Prevention, if a father commits suicide, his son will be seven times more likely to have suicidal thoughts. In order to break this cycle of loss, counselling is needed. Opening up about your feelings and talking to a professional who will listen to you without judgement helps people to off-load their troubles, clear their mind and feel a new appreciation for life. Considered the number one method of preventing suicide, encourage a loved one to seek counselling if you believe they are suffering from depression, grief or a mental health problem. These days, you can seek professional counselling online or via phone call if you don’t want to speak to someone face to face.


5 ways to prevent suicide

Know The Warning Signs

Being aware of the key suicide warning signs will help you notice when someone close to you is suffering in silence. Suicide warning signs include, but are not limited to;


      Talking about suicide, self-harm or thoughts of being worthless

      Self-destruction such as alcohol abuse, taking drugs or taking unnecessary risks

      Purchasing or researching methods to commit suicide such as buying guns, painkillers, rope or other objects that could be used to take their own life

      Being very interested in death

      Making plans and getting their affairs in order such as taking out a will, giving loved ones precious items, gifting large sums of money

      Becoming withdrawn from society, friends and family

      A sense of calm or even happiness about their current situation, after suffering from depression



5 ways to prevent suicide

Check On Friends, Family & Neighbors

Especially during the holiday season, and throughout the colder months of the year, be sure to check up on family, friends and neighbors. If you notice any of the red flags mentioned above, you need to be reactive in your approach.


Here are three organizations you can call if you need help:


The Lifeline: A 24/7 free and confidential support line for people in distress, prevention and crisis.

Call 1-800-273-8255.


Department of Veterans: Another crisis line to reach caring, qualified responders regarding suicide.

Call 800-273-8255 and press option 1.



Crisis Text Line: If you prefer to text a trained professional about suicide, you also have the option of messaging the Crisis Text Line at any time of the day on 741741.

Have a safty plan

Having a plan in place will help you respond well in a crisis situation. If you notice red flags, you must act as fast as possible. Be aware of triggers such as anniversaries of the loss of a loved one, an upcoming stressful situation or a breakdown of a relationship. Have helplines and emergency contact information recorded in your phone, remove harmful substances and anything that could be used to commit suicide and make others aware of your concerns. The more people aware, more the eyes to spot signs of suicidal acts. Make sure to limit their opportunities to commit suicide by being close-by or always around.  

Carry a life saver card

Last but not least, you can carry a Life Saver Card from the Association of Suicide Prevention. Part of their Life Saver program, this card contains a crisis hotline that you can use should you be concerned about a loved one, colleague or even for your own safety. 




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