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What is it like to work a hoarding job?


2-Day Hoarding Clean Up Case Study

2-Day Hoarding Clean Up Case Study

Hoarded house hallway

Hoarding has a significant effect on people, both physically and emotionally. The connection between mental health and hoarding is deep-rooted in our hoarding clean up service. We understand that hoarding can be a difficult condition to live with, and when things get out of hand, our professional cleaners are always here to help! 

Finding Family Heirlooms

As we worked through the house, taking each room at a time, we finally came across some long lost family heirlooms. Pictures from his father’s time serving in the military that some members of the family had never seen before because they had been buried under a mammoth of clutter! Hidden by the hoard, the homeowner and his son would soon be able to enjoy these wonderful life mementoes once again! This is what really makes our work so important and life-changing too!


Finding forgotten treasures and sentimental items are a wonderful reward for customers and act as an incentive to book our professional cleaning services. This can also help encourage homeowners to strive to keep their space clutter-free in the future or risk damaging these precious items by hoarding once again.


After only 7 hours, we had made it to the kitchen and were ready to call it a day. Continue reading about our 2-day hoarding clean up by jumping to Part II: 2-Day Hoarding Clean Up Case Study



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